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Intervene is presented to all incoming students each year and can be facilitated for other student groups upon request. The Skorton Center for Health Initiatives at Cornell Health, in collaboration with Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble, developed the Intervene Bystander Campaign. Intervene employs a 20 minute video of brief filmed scenarios demonstrating ways in which student bystanders can successfully intervene in problematic situations. Seven different situations are addressed, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence (emotional abuse), hazing, alcohol emergency, emotional distress, and bias. Characters in the film represent the diverse identities of college student populations including race, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and ability. The Intervene workshop allows students to view the video with others and engage in a facilitated conversation to reflect upon the attitudes and behaviors that influence the process of intervening as an individual or with assistance.

Customized Programming
The Title IX staff collaborates with student organizations to develop customized programs and trainings. Topics include but are not limited to bystander intervention, communicating consent, the impact of societal gender norms, and information regarding reporting and support services.

One Love Foundation
One Love was founded in memory of Yeardley Love, a University of Virginia student who lost her life to relationship violence in 2010. The HWS One Love Club affirms the national Foundation’s mission to educate people about the difference between an unhealthy and healthy relationship. The One Love Club provides education to the campus community through the facilitation of the Foundation’s flagship project, Escalation, and organizes additional events to raise awareness of relationship violence and to promote healthy relationships. If you are interested in joining or learning more about the HWS One Love Club, please email [email protected].

The Student Taskforce for Education and Prevention (STEP)
STEP is a student organization that designs, implements, and evaluates prevention and education programming related to sexual misconduct; this includes supporting those affected by sexual misconduct and standing with survivors. One primary goal of STEP is to increase the HWS community’s awareness of the spectrum of sexual misconduct and to help prevent misconduct on campus. If you are interested in joining STEP, please email [email protected]

To learn more about how you can get involved, please visit the Title IX Prevention and Education webpage:

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  • Surviving in Numbers: Provides education and empowerment through workshops and storytelling.
  • Know Your IX: Educates students on their school’s obligations to address sexual assault under Title IX and empowers them to take action if their school fails to meet those obligations.
  • End Rape On Campus : Helps students file complaints against their school for mishandling sexual assault reports.
  • Futures Without Violence: Addresses sexual and domestic violence in communities through policy development, educational programs, and public action campaigns.
  • Clery Center for Security on Campus: Works to make schools safer through survivor advocacy and prevention education.
  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center: Provides education and resources on sexual assault.
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